Transform Your Garden this April

Transform Your Garden this April

Posted by Paraic Horkan

"We have an extra hour in the garden! Warmer temperatures, longer evenings and more daylight than darkness in the day help to create the perfect conditions for gardening this April." - Paraic

April is finally here and the clocks have gone forward. As a result, we have an extra hour of gardening time to play with in the evening.
This time is the perfect time to get started on the many spring gardening projects.

Lawn Care

I can’t stress this enough. If you want a lush green for the Summer - it is time to start now. It’s Zero Time!
The first step in creating a rich green lawn is to apply a dressing of Zero Lawn Moss . This liquid can be sprayed onto the lawn to treat unwanted lawn moss overnight.
The second step is to apply a dressing of Zero Lawn Feed.. This feeds and green lawns , without forcing growth and suppressing moss growth. For further information, check out the Lawn Care Solution guide here.

Garden Maintenance

Spring time is the time to start garden clean up. Remove weeds from borders and beds. This can be done with an oscillating hoe.
Once removed, cover the soil with bark mulch to prevent the growth and spread of weeds. The bark mulch also adds nutrients to the soil as it breaks down.
Once the beds have been cleaned up, you can plant Spring/Summer Flowers and bulbs. Sweet Pea is a great option for climbers. Supported with an obelisk, they will grow and climb offering a beautiful summer flower and scent.


Feed Shrubs, Roses, Trees (including fruit trees), bedding plants and lawns. Everything will be quite hungry now and to encourage flowers, fruit, and growth - now is the time to give a feed.
Paraic recommends Osmo Pro 6 for shrubs, hedging and trees. Clean up patios and pathways to remove algae and moss growth. We recommend using PAC - Patio Moss and Algae Cleaner.

Garden Colour

April is a great time to start planting for colour. It’s the time to think ahead for summer and start preparing your hanging baskets, window and patio boxes.
Summer colour for Hanging baskets can be planted now. Trailing Petunias, Geraniums, Verbenas and fuchsia are now ready for planting.

For colour in your patio planters, window boxes for easter plant a selection of Spring flowering plants Cyclamen, Primulas, Pansies and violas. Heathers are also stunning at the moment.
Plant long stemmed flowers to use as cut flowers for the home this Summer. Scented lilies, Freesia, Dahlias, crocosmia and gladioli are all ideal long stem flowers.

Horkans Favourite flowers

  • Red Geraniums are one of the very best summer flowering plants to add colour. Trailing Petunias, Geraniums, Verbenas and Fuchsia are now ready for planting.
  • White Bacopa, Osteospermum and Trailing Lobelia are also favourites for hanging baskets, window and patio boxes.
  • Scented sweet peas produce highly scented flowers. They can be planted now to blossom in midsummer. If you cut scented sweet peas regularly, you will be rewarded with lots of fresh blooms for your home through summer and autumn.
  • The Snowy Mespilus, Forsythia and Blue Campanula are all beautiful spring flowering plants. They offer a stunning show of colour and are an ideal spring time plant.

Plant in drifts!

One of the best ways to plant shrubs, ground covering plants and perennial plants in your garden is through the drift planting method.
This method is about planting plants that will offer colour throughout the entire year in clusters of the same variety.
Planting several different varieties together in ones and tows can look messy. Take advantage of our multibuy offers and plant in bulk.

We have some stunning new drift plants now available. These include varieties such as the Carpet rose amber drift, the gooseberry invicta and Hebe strawberries and cream.
They're perfect for adding some colour for the Summer.

Sow and Grow

  • If you haven't already, April is the perfect time to plant new potatoes. First early varieties, including Orla, Colleen and Red Duke of York, can be planted now outdoors in raised beds, patio pots or directly into the garden soil.
    They'll provide you with tasty, homegrown, new potatoes in early Summer. They are easy to grow, full of flavour and the perfect ‘first plant’ for you to plant now.
  • Plant vegetable and herb plants directly into raised beds and borders. Lettuce, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Sprouts, Kale, Beetroot and Swiss chard are all available now as plants.
  • Veg Seeds or Veg Plants? Some gardeners like to grow from seed. These can be sown indoors and planted out when established. However, you can buy the veg plants and plant them out now, in growbags, tunnels, containers or better again in a Vegepod.
  • April is the perfect time to have a go at growing your five a day - fruits, vegetables, salad plants and kitchen herbs. This spring it's easier than ever with the brilliant Vegepod.
    The Vegepod is a garden product, like no other in Ireland! It's a self contained, raised garden bed that is the perfect solution for anyone interested in growing their own organic fruit and vegetables.
  • The Vegepod is self-watering, protected and perfectly sized for every patio or balcony. You just sow the vegetables, fruit or herbs you want to grow, shut the protective cover and the Vegepod does the rest, even the watering!
    Plants grow 50% faster, watering is reduced by 80% and the children are 100% happy growing their five a day.
  • Suttons also have an incredible range known as Speedy Veg. As the name suggests speedy veg grow very quickly and are ready in 4 - 5 weeks to harvest.
    They are sown from seed in your window boxes, patio containers or Vegepod rewarding you with lots of fresh salad leaves and vegetables in a very short period. They're ideal for sowing from April to September.
  • Tomato seeds can be sown indoors now in gentle heat on a bright window sill - I recommend Gardeners Delight, Sweet 100, Tumbler and sun baby varieties.

Have you seen the Bella Greenhouse? The Bella greenhouse is a great addition to your garden with its functional properties and features such as effective light diffusion, corrosion-resistance and durability, heat-retaining ability, and large workspace and headroom.
It is designed to maximize smaller spaces and promote a more productive growing season. The polycarbonate panels ensure protection of your plants from the elements and optimal plant growth. With its clear frame finish, this greenhouse perfectly blends with any garden landscape effortlessly.

Whatever you decide to do in your garden, Spring is the time to get outside, make use of that extra hour in the evening, start cleaning, planning and planting. We are here to help every step of the way.

Need Help With Growing Your Own Vegetable? Our experts are always on hand to help at your local store.
Just contact your local store where one of our helpful and knowledgeable staff will be happy to help and answer any questions you may have.