Remove Moss from Patio, Paths and Driveway

Remove Moss from Patio, Paths and Driveway

Posted by Paraic Horkan

Removing green moss from paths patios and driveways is an important part in garden maintenance.
Moss forms during the winter months and can become dangerous slippery patches when wet from the rain.

Winter is the time when moss, algea and lichens will grow, and become more visible and spread during wet and humid conditions.
Usually in Ireland this is around late Novemeber - February or if we have a damp summer.

Whilst the green of moss can be eye catching and somewhat fits and creeps in around our homes, it is a good idea to remove and clean it away.

Here at Horkans, we have the perfect solution which requires little effort. PAC - Patio Algea and Moss Cleaner!

PAC is a biodegradable liquid concentrate capable of removing moss from hard surfaces. This product can also remove algae, mould and lichens.
These can be removed from a variety of hard surfaces in the garden, including tarmacadam, walls, roof tiles, fencing and bricks.

  • Removes Algae, Lichens, Moss and Mould
  • Self cleans after use
  • Easy to mix and apply
  • Biodegradable
  • Safe for children and pets 24 hours after application
  • Buy more, save more

What is the difference between PRO PAC and PAC?

PRO PAC is more concentrated and perfect for larger surface areas, such as long driveways, public areas.
PAC is ideal for cleaning areas around the home such as patios and pathways.

Why is PAC so good at removing Moss?

Patio Algae and Moss Cleaner is a biodegradable liquid concentrate, with the cleaning power without you using a power washer or scrubbing!
Results are visible in 3 to 4 days and goes on cleaning over the following weeks and months.

How to use PAC

Dilute 10 parts water to 1 part PAC into a sprayer or watering can and evenly wet the affected areas.
Apply in dry calm weather, evenly wetting the moss and algae fully, apply to the hard surface areas only. Do not apply to grass.



Remove moss from pathways, patios or any other hard surfaces with PAC from Horkans!
With over 100 years of experience in gardening we trust it is that good we put our name on it!

Try now and your garden will be looking spotless in no time!

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