Get Rid of Moss on Driveways & Patios

Get Rid of Moss on Driveways & Patios

Posted by Paraic Horkan on 17/11/22

PAC can be used to remove moss, algae, mould and lichens from most hard surfaces outdoors. It is a biodegradable liquid concentrate that can be used for your driveway or patio. It can also be used on tarmacadem, roof tiles, fencing, stones and bricks.

You can even use PAC to transform your walls. It will cut through both red and green algae, leaving surfaces clean and spotless. If you require it for use on decking, you just need to wait for a dry day where your decking is also dry. After six hours, you should see the incredible difference. If it's only thin moss you are dealing with then you just need to sweep it the next day. If it's thick moss that has wormed its way into every groove, leave it for a week to the let the product get right down. Again you can sweep it or once it becomes free, the wind will take it away.

How to use

The best part about PAC is how easy it is to use. For best results, apply it on a dry day. You simply mix one part PAC to 10 parts water. Mix these together in a spraying machine or watering can. Then apply it lightly and evenly over the affected area. Make sure to keep pets away for at least 6 hours. Once you are finished, simply wait 6-7 days and say goodbye to that meddlesome moss. The area it is applied to may turn a red/brown colour but not to worry - this will all wash off. Your patio will be spotless in no time.

Please note: PAC should not be used on grass. If you are looking for a product to remove moss from your lawn, try Zero Lawn Liquid.

Want to get all the products you need to de-moss your patio in one single purchase? We have just what you need - our De Moss & Clean Your Path Kit. This bundle is available in medium or large and includes PAC, a sprayer and a weedkiller.

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