Artificial Christmas Tree Guide

Artificial Christmas Tree Guide

Posted by Paraic Horkan on 17/11/22

Is there anything better than getting a new Christmas tree? Nothing beats the excitement of taking it home and filling it with decorations. It brings the family together and gets everybody in the Christmas spirit.
There are two types of people when it comes to Christmas trees: those who swear by a real Christmas tree and those who like an artificial Christmas tree. Whatever it is you choose, we have the perfect tree for you! We've created this Christmas tree guide to help you find your perfect tree this year.

Bayberry Spruce

The beautiful Bayberry Spruce could easily pass for a real tree. It features 'Feel Real' molded branch tip technology that presents an amazing life-like appearance. These crush-resistant branch tips are moulded from real tree branches for an authentic live tree appearance.
It's a lighter green tree with bristles that are softer to touch. It's also fire-resistant, non-allergenic and comes packed in a reusable storage carton. The metal stand that comes with it folds effortlessly, making it easy to put away. There are 3 different sizes:

    6.5ft: The 6.5ft Bayberry Spruce is 49" in diameter and includes 1227 branch tips.

    7.5ft: The 7.5ft Bayberry Spruce is 59" in diameter and and has 1867 branch tips.

    9ft: Our biggest size is the 9ft Bayberry Spruce. This tree is 71" in diameter with 3185 branch tips.

Bayberry Spruce: Slim

If you're looking for a tree that's a bit less bulky, the slim is the best option to go for. It's available in both the 6.5ft and the 7.5ft. This tree is ideal for smaller rooms or hallways.

Rocky Ridge

The Rocky Ridge Pine tree features a full bodied design that's a very popular style and shape for Christmas decorating. It has three section construction and hinged branches to make it super easy to put up and take down.
This is a darker and fuller tree, with pine-like bristles that give it a realistic feel. It comes complete with a folding metal stand and is packed in a reusable storage carton. This tree is also fire-resistant and non-allergenic. It comes in 3 different sizes:

    6.5ft: The 6.5ft Rocky Ridge is 58" in diameter with 954 branch tips.

    7.5ft: Our 7.5ft Rocky Ridge is 70" in diameter with 1442 branch tips.

    9ft: This is our biggest Rocky Ridge size. It's 72" in diameter with 2402 branch tips.

Rocky Ridge: Slim

Delight in the comforting presence of this Rocky Ridge Slim Pine Tree which boasts of slenderly cut rectangular artificial leaves. This is a slimmer version of the Rocky Ridge, making it perfect for smaller rooms or hallways.

The slim version is available in 6.5ft and 7.5ft