Zero Lawn Moss 10ltr

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  • Use with Zero Lawn Feed to enrich the soil for lush green grass without forcing growth
  • Use Greenforce Lawn Weed Killer after spraying to remove weeds and clover
  • Fast acting moss remover that works overnight
  • Kills lawn moss deep down into the roots
  • Easy to mix formula at 10:1 with water
  • Can be used throughout the entire year
  • 1 litre of concentrate covers 400 square yards (or 334m2)
  • For even application, we recommend the Calypso Knapsack Sprayer
  • 10ltr €6.49 per litre and VAT free
Vat Free
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Zero Lawn Moss is fast-acting, easy to mix and works to help your lawn become entirely moss free. Zero Lawn Moss will help keep your lawn in top condition. Zero suppresses moss growth and works rapidly killing lawn moss right down to the root structure. Results are visible as soon as the following day. It doesn't need to be raked out after either as it kills the moss and returns it back into the soil as additional nutrients.

For optimum results, we recommend that you cut your grass a couple of days before applying Zero Lawn Moss. It is best applied in dry calm weather however it can be applied a couple of hours after light rain showers when a dry spell is expected.

In gardens with heavy dense moss, it can create dark brown or black patches so we recommend combining the Zero Lawn Moss treatment with Zero Lawn Feed. Zero Lawn feed is an incredible slow-release fertiliser that will feed and green your lawn for optimal grass restoration without forcing growth and can be applied from 2 days after applying Zero. Zero Lawn Feed contains a nutrtious blend of Seaweed and Iron for added moss control and intesnse fetilisation. 

Applying Greenforce Lawn Weed Killer  after spraying Zero will remove troublesome clover and weeds to leave you with the most lucious, green, healthy lawn.

Apply Zero Lawn Liquid every 6 weeks to 8 weeks throughout the year to help keep your lawn entirely moss free all year round.

Sizes Available:
2.5 litres
5 litres
10 litres

Application Rate:
Mix 1 part Zero to 10 parts water; mix 1 litre Zero to 10 litres of water to make up 11 Litres of treatment to cover 400 sq yds.

6% Chelated Ferrous Citrate

Do not allow the concentrated or diluted liquid drift, spill, splash or drip onto hard surface areas including walls, kerbing, tarmac, patios, or concentre areas including concrete features as staining may occur. Wash off any spillages with water immediately to help reduce staining.

Wash out all equipment after use. As when applying all garden chemicals, we recommend that you take precautionary safety measures by wearing a respirator mask, eye protection, and appropriate footwear. We also advise keeping your pets off the lawn for around 24 hours after applying the Zero treatment.

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